Chocolate – Structures, Chocolate bar and [My Designs]

Author: Helena Simões

Type: E-Book

Pages: 19 pages

Chapter 1 – Structures

Chapter 2 – Chocolate Spread

Chapter 3 – My Designs

This E-Book is also available in English.

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    Contemporary cake design for the open minded souls. my work is all about creativity. 10% Earth work and 90% Heavenly work. So, trust the Universe. He Knows.

    I am Passionate.

    Passionate about love and all its forms.

    As a contemporary cake artist I lovespushing boundaries and thinking outside the box.

    I was born in Portugal, and worked 15 years as an Industrial Engineer, where I also could play with my creativity, designing products and tools of my own, that could enhance my work around the cake art.

    After a life-changing 2018, I decided I could not escape from art whatsoever anymore.

    I am now in my happy place.

    I have become more enthusiastic with my soul work, working with my heart, closing my eyes so I could see… and bringing to life amazing art forms, that somehow, we call cake.

    In just 6 months, I flew 4 continents, teaching my avant-garde form of art.

    Dubai, Barcelona, Jordan, the United States, and Nigeria are some of the countries I have visited, and where I shared my knowledge.

    At the present moment, she dedicates most of her time researching for new edible materials, and teaching at her studio, in Vila Nova de Gaia, online, and also in schools In Portugal and worldwide.

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