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The Ultimate CBCT Imaging Course -Japan
Cone Beam Guy
The Ultimate CBCT Imaging Course -Japan is the definitive course designed to address best practices involving technical issues such as acquisition parameters and image display settings for optimizing image quality and maximizing the diagnostic capabilities of available CBCT units. This interactive- hands-on interpretation course offers a unique opportunity to learn the systematic approach to imaging interpretation developed by one of the most recognized CBCT imaging Educators in the USA– Dr. Bruno Azevedo – The Cone Beam Guy. Each phase of the CBCT imaging workflow will be explained in detail. In the CBCT acquisition phase, we will stress the role of understanding and modifying exposure parameters according to specific diagnostic questions to achieve consistently "excellent" scans independently of the CBCT scanner you use. In the data correction phase, we will teach you how to recognize undesirable imaging artifacts such as noise, beam hardening, and booming artifacts and demonstrate how software can help users reduce these untoward effects. Using clinical cases, we will illustrate the impact of task-specific enhancement filters and discuss clinical scenarios where they should be applied. In the exploring data phase, we will provide insights into best practices to efficiently navigate and explore the cbct scan and give a systematic interpretation sequence. Finally, in the data interpretation phase, we will discuss the 3D anatomy of the mouth and adjacent areas, emphasizing the maxillary sinuses and imaging pattern recognition. I will explain how to use all data correction and imaging navigation tools to minimize your interpretation time and maximize your imaging diagnosis. This course will provide you with the essential tools to take full advantage of the critical benefits offered by CBCT imaging.
Certificate of Completion
Positive Classroom Management Practices for Primary
Active English
Effective classroom management is an essential skill for a Young Learner teacher and it’s one that you can and must develop. THIS COURSE CAN NOW BE TAKEN ASYNCHRONOUSLY AT YOUR OWN PACE AND INSTEAD OF LIVES SESSIONS, JOIN IN THE CONVERSATION WITH THE TEACHERS THE FACEBOOK GROUP THE INNER CIRCLE. Many teachers feel lost and in need of support and practical ideas to deal with classroom management in a more positive way… especially in this new context! We believe that effective classroom management is not just a set of techniques or a way you respond to challenging behaviour. It’s a whole system that you start building even before you step into the classroom. Would you like to learn how? In this course, your tutor Lilian Montalvao will be teaching you how to plan and develop your own positive classroom management system that you can incorporate into your teaching practice. We want you to finish the course feeling confident that you know how to organise your classroom and lessons in a way that prevents misbehaviour and creates a positive learning environment. Most importantly, this course is about changing the way you understand and deal with difficulties when they arise in the young learner classroom. That's an incredible amount of content and an amazing community of colleagues that will support each other on their professional development journey. The version of the course with live sessions with Lilian is no longer available, but the good news is that the course can still be taken! It's valued at R$320 (and it can be paid in up to 12 installments).
Protocolos para Alterações do Couro Cabeludo
ATE - Academia de Tricologia e Estética
O curso tem a proposta de habilitar o profissional da saúde e elaborar e aplicar protocolos de terapia capilar utilizando argilas, óleos essenciais, vegetais, alta frequência, microcorrentes, laser e LED em alterações como caspa, seborreia, dermatite seborreica, xerose, foliculite e psoríase. Totalmente online, com vídeo-aulas que ficam disponíveis por 90 dias para que o aluno possa ver quantas vezes quiser do computador, celular ou tablet. As perguntas podem ser encaminhadas para o professor via chat. Inclui apostila e certificado da Academia de Tricologia e Estética. Conteúdo Programático: - Introdução aos óleos vegetais - Introdução as argilas - Principais óleos essenciais utilizados no tratamento do couro cabeludo - Aplicabilidades da alta frequência - Indicações do Laser e LEDs - Indicações das microcorrentes - Raciocínio clínico e protocolos - Demonstração do preparo e aplicação das argilas e óleos - Demonstração da calibragem e manuseio dos equipamentos Público alvo: Profissionais já formados ou estudantes de áreas da saúde, como tricologistas, terapeutas capilares, esteticistas, biomédicos, farmacêuticos, fisioterapeutas, enfermeiros e profissionais de cabelo que buscam compreender mais sobre raciocínio clínico e elaboração de protocolos para as alterações do couro cabeludo Professora responsável: Ms. Fabiana Padovez
Certificate of Completion