10 steps to receive a salary increase

First of all, have full conviction that asking for a raise is not wrong and is part of the employee/employer relationship. However, it is important that you have the common sense to understand the reality of the company, the job market out there, and to be honest about your personal performance. If you have within you that incorrigible feeling that the company is, yes, receiving your best and that your progress is clear, it is worth going ahead and scheduling a conversation with your superior, and these 10 steps will help you ensure success and increase your chances of a positive response.

The E-book 10 Steps to Receive a Salary Increase was produced by the author Manoel Neto. It is 100% digital, 10 steps plus bonuses easy to understand and applicable to all, whatever your occupation.

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Understand all about how:

- Evaluating your performance;

- Stay focused on the company;

- Expand Your range of activities;

- Think about your future in the company;

- Understand the difference between full and senior;

- Find the right time;

- Face the embarrassment;

- Organize your arguments;

- Respect the limits;

- Do not expect an immediate response;

- More Bonuses.

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