30 days meal plan for weight loss with your favorite Nigerian meals

A lot of people are struggling with how to lose weight but don't know where to start from. Weight gain started from what you eat and weight loss too. This meal plan is a guide on what to eat and lose weight.

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The benefits of this meal plan includes:

1. You will save money

2. You won't ask "what will I cook today?"

3. With this meal plan your health is in check.

4. You will have control over your eating habits, especially if you love snacking there are healthy snacks too on the meal plan because this meal plan is designed to make you eat five(5) times a day.

5. You will be able to know the number of calories you consume daily, and you can calculate the number of calories you have burnt with every activity you do (not only exercise). That means you can track your progress.

6. All meals are Nigerian meals and every ingredient is easily accessible anywhere.

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