28 Revit Architecture Basic and Advanced Tutorials

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This course is designed for Revit beginners.

In this course, students will learn the most useful and commonly used/modeled objects in Revit projects.

List of tricks you will learn in this course:

1: Quicket Way to Create Multiple Levels

2: Creating Base and Crown Molding

3: Creating Curbs Using Texture Image

4: How to Create Sidewalks and Curbs on Topo Surface

5: How to Create Custom Shaped Mullions

6: Modeling Classical Corner Elements (Quoin Detail)

7: How to Model Classical Wall Panels

8: Copy Materials From One Project to Another

9: Perfect Way to Create Hidden Ceiling Lights

10:Place Text on Curved Wall

11: Create Stair Over Topo SUrface

12: Easily Create Radial and Elliptical Array

13: Add a Revolving Door to Curtain Wall

14: 5 Important Tips in Once Lecture

15: Convert 3ds Max Models into Revit Components With Materials

16:How to create Spanish Roof Tiles

17: How to Create Rendering Using Revit+Photoshop

18: Place Ceiling Based Lights on Roof/Slabs

19: Creating Concrete and Grass Pattern

20: Practice #1 Modeling Realisting Curtains

21: Practice #2: Modeling Twisted COlumns

22: Practice 3: MOdeling Domes

23: Practice #4 Modeling Domes 2

24: Practice #5 Modeling ruined Buildings (Part 1)

25: Practice #6 Modeling Ruined Buildings (Part 2)

26: Practice #7 Modeling Ruined Buildings (Part 3)

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