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Transformation is to stop being what you were before and become better. This is the meaning of life: to evolve more and more! And for that, it takes a lot of practice and reflection. For you who are looking for change, we have selected encouraging transformation phrases that will inspire and renew your life!

Change is the act or effect of changing, of disposing in another way. b) Transformation is the action and effect of transforming (making something or someone change shape, transmuting something into something else). Any change in the state of a system. The term derives from the Latin word transformation.

Any person, at any time in life, can change. ... That is, we do not have a stereotyped or fixed personality that will remain throughout our entire lives. There is no 'permanent and stable self', but a 'me' that is constantly changing. In reality, we are changing every day, every moment.

With this guide, you will:

■ Learn the art of self-mastery so that you understand your true self and ignite your true potential in life

■ Learn how to activate the power of the law of attraction and bend the universe to your will

■ Learn how to activate your 'invisible shield' that will protect you from countless negativities in life

■ Be able to achieve crystal clear mental clarity and missile focus so you only manifest what really matters.

■ Be invincible in the face of fear and be able to face it with strength.

■ Begin to realize that the right people, the right resources, the right relationships, and the right circumstances magically appear in your life, without any prompting or effort on your part.

■ Learn to create your own legacy that is timeless.

■ and much more profound wisdom waiting to be revealed!

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Avoid Shortcuts. ...

Plan yourself! ...

Create New Habits. ...

Project the Future. ...

Focus on you...

Commit to continuous self-improvement. ...

See challenges as opportunities. ...

Be generous with your wisdom.

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moro em paulista - PE,conheci o Hotmart em 2013,sou uma pessoa humilde, e trabalho em uma empresa de produtos de limpeza. atualmente mim dedico em pinterest e seus conteúdo. tenho muito que aprender ainda,mais o que eu sei vou passa para você meus conhecimento que aprendi com pessoas que entende do assunto quando fala dessa rede de pesquisa.

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