51 Gourmet Ice Cream Recipes

An Apostille / E-book that contains more than 51 recipes for artisanal production of Gourmet Ice Cream, all organized and detailed and easy to make and sell. It is focused on people who work at home, for entrepreneurs who want to diversify their products and sales, unemployed women or for housewives who cannot leave the house to work and want extra income with little investment.

By putting it into practice, you will be able to make delicious gourmet ice creams, which will change your income. Proof of this, we have testimonials like that of Carla Alves, who sold more than 12 thousand ice creams in just 4 months, and managed to realize her dream of buying a car.

Lissandra da Costa, another student, sold in 2 months almost 2,800 gourmet ice cream in her neighborhood. Imagine yourself doing the same thing where you live, selling at schools, near stores, at bus or metro stops, everything depends on you.

This booklet is for you who are unemployed or looking for extra income and want to set up your own business, so that, like our students, you also achieve your financial independence by selling gourmet ice cream. This is your time.


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AUTHOR: Jesual Alves dos Santos

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