The 7 minute method is a complete method for learning drums. The material starts from beginner to advanced, all in one ebook. With the techniques contained in the course, anyone is able to learn, as they follow the particular evolution of each learner. With this revolutionary system, called the 7-minute method, anyone can assess their own evolution. They are contained in the digital material, from the way to hold the sticks, beat counts and measures of the songs, physical stretching, rudiments, techniques for motor coordination, drum fills, rhythms, including the Brazilian samba, and everything in an easy way, which can be studied by 5-year-olds or 90-year-olds. Whether you are a drum student or teacher, with the 7-minute method you will have years of study and techniques to follow throughout your entire musical life. The discipline and gradual evolution taught in this course can be carried over to learning any musical instrument. Come to the 7-Minute Method!

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The student evaluates his own evolution; the method is complete; learning is easy to read, a five year old and an eighty year old can keep up; don't use sheet music; is in digital format and can be printed or used on a tablet or smart phone.

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Juliano Santos
4 Hotmarter Years

Juliano Santos leciona bateria a vários anos. Já participou de inúmeros projetos de diversos seguimentos: Rock, Pop, MPB, Jazz, Fusion, Metal Sinfônico, Flashback e Metal Clássico.

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