Abundance Accelerator: A 7-day intensive to calibrate your cosmic body to the frequency of abundance

I created this experience to give you the solid foundations to upgrade your relationship to money and abundance.

In this program, we build the basis for wealth for lifetimes to come.

We will be looking at how to relate to money from an elevated, 5D perspective, and then aligning our 3D actions to support a continuous build up of wealth for all.

I will be going through the journey with you. Doing the work and sharing the insights that arise for me. Last time I ran Abundance Accelerator, my income skyrocketed from 2k to 7k by following the practices I teach.

We will cover everything from:

- What is the consciousness of money, how it differs from wealth and abundance and how to connect to all three of them for sustainable growth

- Identifying and clearing deep rooted limiting beliefs around abundance and establishing a solid relationship with money

- What is the role of money in Spiritual Ascension

- How to claim self worth in order to fulfill our Soul Purpose.

- How to know when to act vs when to rest and receive when it comes to money

- Up-levelling our identity to match richness and prosperity

- The energy behind financial miracles and how to attract it

And more...

This is an applicable, down to earth program with 3 lives classes, powerful homework and plenty of integration.

Come to this experience as a dedicated student and I promise your relationship with money will never be the same.

If you feel the call, I'd love to see you there.

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Carolini Arco
3 Hotmarter Years

Carolini Arco is a Spiritual Guide, Reiki Master, ICF ACC Life Coach, Breathwork Facilitator and the creator of Arco Reiki & Coaching.

Since transitioning from Brazil to North America, Carolini has helped over 2.500 souls ascend their consciousness and co-create miracles in their lives.

Carolini’s specialty is guiding people to awaken for the Divine within. Unblocking programming of scarcity and low self-worth to claim their Soul purpose once and for all.

Arco’s methods have developed over 10 years of studies in cutting edge tactics of behavioral technologies, neuroscience, and energetic alignment. After working closely with some of the leading specialists in the spiritual field, Carolini combined her studies, mentoring experiences, and mystical discoveries to develop a holistic transformational method that creates ripple effects on humanity as a whole.



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