Ace your Duolingo Test in 2 weeks + Mentoring

Are you struggling with your Duolingo Test score? Have you been stuck in the same score for a long time?

Improve your Duolingo English Test score up to 30 points with a step-by-step preparation course. In this course, you will:

Step 1: Find out where you are. What is your real English level?

Step 2: Design your study plan.

Step 3: Explore the Duolingo English Test question by question and learn the best way to answer each question.

Step 4: Practice strategically to ace your test.

Ace the Duolingo Test in 2 weeks has:

✅ A practical and step-by-step study plan;

✅ Strategies to answer Duolingo English Test questions;

✅ Production lessons;

✅ Extra practice;

✅ Grammar review;

✅ Exclusive group;

✅ 20hs content;

✅ Mentoring for your production sections of the test:

- Writing corrections of 3 Describing images and 3 write at least 50 words and;

- 2 live speaking sessions;

This course was designed to be completed in 14 days. Studying at least 1h/day.

Nonetheless, your access will be available for 90 days.

Do not waste your time! Ace your Duolingo Test now!

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The Duolingo Test Teacher
1 Hotmarter Year

If you intend to study abroad and you need to take the Duolingo English Test (DET) soon, or you have taken it but failed, then you are on the right page.

After teaching English for 10 years, I have decided to actually help people realize their dream of pursuing a diploma or a degree abroad, and created the Duolingo test teacher preparation course, through which I have helped dozens of people to achieve their desirable DET scores.

The course was designed to help students better understand the DET and study strategically for it, growing their confidence and consequently improving their scores.

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