ADS TikTok "Whoever advertises first drinks clean water"

Whoever ANNOUNCES first drinks clean water. That subhead phrase speaks volumes for itself. We had the opportunity to have GIANT reach with little investment when Facebook joined, finally began to increase supply and demand and the “auction” by the audience raised costs. Then came the Instagram engagement. The reach with little investment was absurd, but we are on the verge of an atomic bomb that is the opening of paid traffic on TikTok's Adsense platform. We learned from the gringos and brought a step-by-step explanation of how it will be, from the creation of an account on the platform with the request that can already be made, to the types of ads, targeting and also the similarities that exist with Facebook Business.

E-book with 31 pages without stalling and straight to the point on how to be prepared with a guide to creating your first ads. Once the sponsored ads are released to the world, the cost per customer acquisition increases.

In the coming months we will have the release so get ahead as this opportunity again only when another platform reaches the same audience size as TikTok.

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step by step ebook

31 pages straight to the point

topics such as ad types, segmentation and similarities with facebook ads

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