Affirmations for Self Esteem

Affirmations have been a before and after in my life. They have helped me to have a more centered life, in serenity, calm and peace.

If you also want to change your life through positive affirmations, I invite you to practice them and see the results for yourself.

Affirmations come in a downloadable audio file, with 35 affirmations to improve self-esteem. The objective is that, after practicing them constantly every day for a period of time of at least 21 - 30 days, you can gradually integrate them into your life, helping you to reprogram your mind with new thoughts of esteem and self-love.

After the first 30 - 45 days, you can listen to them twice a day (preferably morning and evening if possible). And when you get to the expert level (from 3 months onwards), you can listen to them 3 times a day for best results.

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- It does not take much time a day, with a few minutes it's possible to make the affirmations

- They can be done anywhere, any time of the day

- You will feel calm and serenity when doing them

- Works for people of all ages

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Fatima Martin
2 Hotmarter Years

Soy coach motivacional, educadora, blogger, podcaster y speaker. Soy muy versátil, como ves, me desenvuelvo en diferentes áreas.

Estoy apasionada con la búsqueda del propósito de vida de cada uno de nosotros, y por este motivo, te apoyo a reenfocar tu vida profesional y a buscar dicho propósito.

Tengo la convicción de que todas las personas pueden crear la vida que desean, si realmente se lo proponen y se enfocan en conseguirlo. Tienes un potencial dentro de ti que muy probablemente ni siquiera estás consciente que tienes.

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