Always be well dressed!

Have you ever stopped to think how many times you have bought a piece of clothing and when you went to see it, it practically didn't match the rest of your closet? I think this must have happened at least once in every woman's life!

This type of situation happens because, at the time of purchase, we do not always see all the possibilities of combining a piece. Thus, due to color or style, this piece ends up not offering many options for combinations.

But there are pieces that are true "wildcards" in our lives, which allow us to create various looks for different occasions. From the moment you invest in pieces so you can always be well dressed, avoiding unnecessary purchases.

Thinking about it, this e-book was created with the objective of helping you to invest in strategic pieces, thus creating several options for looks. This way you can always be well dressed, regardless of the occasion. And do you know which is the best in all this? You won't need to invest a lot of money!

You can build your closet using the pieces you already own and, if necessary, invest in new essential pieces. Thus, you will be able to have a more functional wardrobe that will suit you both on a daily basis and for special events.

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The e-book "Always be well dressed" brings 40 essential pieces that are strategic items that allow for different combinations.

In the text, you will find tips on how to use and look inspirations for each piece.

You can have this e-book as a guide when dressing or when shopping for new items. Thus, you will invest more in parts that will serve you for much longer and on several occasions.

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