Amazing japanese crochet stitches

Amazing Japanese Crochet Stitches includes versatile stitch patterns that can be used in just about any piece. Whether you want to recreate an Irish lace in creamy neutrals or play with stitches that stand out for their unusual shape and dimension, this book has it all. You'll find designs for unusual yarns, unique stitch patterns and some amazing edgings.

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Seven practice projects help you cut loose with some creative application, including:

• Two elegant, lacy shawls

• Two fun flowery necklaces

• A bohemian vest in neutral tones

• A wildly embellished rainbow scarf

• The most one-of-a-kind bag you'll ever see

A technical section demonstrates the stitches step-by-step, so readers can become familiar with crocheting in the Japanese style.

Amazing Japanese Crochet Stitches is a joy for the experienced crocheter, and a valuable reference for needlecraft enthusiasts everywhere!

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