Attracts Money, Abundance, Riches Unlimitedly - Universal Connection / Assumption Law - Energetic Subliminal

This subliminal program is designed to attract money, abundance, wealth in an unlimited way in every corner and aspect of your life

We remind you that this subliminal program is a different version from the previous version but that it is just as powerful in terms of attracting and generating money

Contains many techniques and some technologies almost the same as the previous one

This program is designed with universal and pure energy, as well as positive affirmations that will reprogram the conscious and subconscious mind.

It also has a connection to the assumption law to get everything you want

This subliminal program is energetically programmed with everything divine, perfect, abundance and love, all this is designed so that all your wishes can be fulfilled.

What I want you to do is to start listening within yourself, what do you really want?

Start to feel the love, start to feel everything you want

Instead of asking I want this, I want 1,000,000 dollars ... Imagine it, live it, you cannot ask for something you already have, in your mind imagine everything you would do with that million dollars imagine that you bought several things for your home imagine that You bought a big TV, that you arranged your room, your living room, your kitchen, imagine your family with good clothes, with a lot of money, imagine how you would feel having that money in your hands, imagine what feeling you would have if you really had it, that Feeling just that I want you to feel it ... Wrap all your desires, all your energies from the root throughout your body projecting to this reality ... Do you like that feeling? Does it make you happy? So just keep feeling that way the rest of all your days that it will come true

This subliminal program can be listened to by everyone

It is not necessary to speak english

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Some of its benefits:

● Attract money easily

● Attract wealth

● Be a money magnet

● Attract money wherever you go

● Earn large amounts of money

● Receive money every day

● Everything in your environment will change (including your family)

● Find money easily

● Express money instantly

● Unlimited abundance

● Love money and let money love you

● Get lucky all the time

● Large amounts of money in the bank

● Thousands and hundreds of millions in the bank

● Abundance always follows you

● People give you money

● Financially abundant

● Success in everything related to money

● Receive gifts

● Extremely fast revenue growth

● Attract abundance in your home

● Experience your beautiful new life

● Be a magnet of prosperity

● Good luck always haunts you

● Save and store large amounts of money

● Receive money every day

● Powerful magnet of riches


● Law of assumption

● Millionaire life

● Universal connection

● Millionaire mind

● Money generator

● Wealth generator

● Generator of abundance

● Infinite and unlimited wealth

● You will be gloriously blessed by the universe from now on to enjoy your new and luxurious millionaire and artistic life

● Super strong prosperity magnet

● Blessed with money

● Attract money fast and easy

● Powerful affirmations using the "I am"

● Everything will start to change and conspire in your favor

● Everything will be successful

● Enjoy the new abundant life

● ++++++++ (many more benefits)

Reprogram your mind and attract money using the power of your subconscious

You will find 2 versions of this audio

A long version and a short version

The long version can listen to it at least 1 hour a day, you can listen to it more if you want

You can listen to the short version 2-3 times a day.

Listening to the short version 3 times is equivalent to more than 1 hour of listening

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Llevo creando audios subliminales desde el 2015 , nuestros programas subliminales funcionan trabajando por medio de nuestra mente consciente , subconsciente y campo energético

Nuestros programas sirven para muchas cosas desde cambiar hàbitos , hasta mejorar la salud , rejuvenecer , modificar nuestro ADN , atraer dinero , etc.

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