autistic society, a practical guide for parents and for those who are not

The purpose of this book is to expose the problem of autism, and to introduce the reader to the subject, aimed not only at parents who have a child with this disorder, but also for the whole of society, since it is exposed on what Autism is understood as the indications that allow it to be identified, as a series of tips not only for parents but also for anyone who meets a child with this disorder.

The ultimate goal of this practical book is to help parents in their training and orientation, both on a day-to-day basis, as well as in the long term and to recognize on the part of those who do not have it in a child, that they understand this problem, For this reason, a series of practical tips are presented on how you should treat a child with autism, what is advisable to say and what is not recommended to say or do, since the first step and the greatest help to parents with children with autism , is the acceptance and understanding by society of this problem that affects them, from the physical to the psychological and emotional.

Finally, it ends with a series of tips for parents and also recommendations on how to improve the social skills of your child with autism, useful tips that you can apply and that can be of great help and progress.

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It is an e-book that helps both parents and the rest of society to understand and treat a child with autism.

A great practical guide that will help you in everyday life

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