Baccarat Sniper, baccarat prection software

Baccarat Sniper, Baccarat Predictive Software, is a highly effective tool, designed to have an exact mathematical control of the cards, it will show you the percentage numerical value of each play in real time.

Baccarat Sniper keeps track of important changes to the internals of the card shoe, mainly these changes affect the final result of the game.

Dear customers, the simplicity and elegance of Baccarat Sniper means that in practice it will be easier to use where you want and the results will be wonderful.

You only have to write the values of the playing cards, play by play, taking into consideration that the greater the amount of data entered, the more effective the results will be, so Baccarat Sniper will guide you in a simple, intuitive and effective way.

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highly effective tool

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Baccarat777, baccarat prediction software.

Baccarat777 page dedicated to the meticulous study of probabilities in Baccarat game, to later develop prediction software with the highest degree of mathematical accuracy.

The Baccarat777 team has professionals with deep knowledge in gambling, experience working directly in the casino and gaming industry for more than 15 years, in addition to this we have expert mathematicians in "Probability Theory", "Statistics", "Chi Square", "Comparison of Proportions", etc, and finally in the area of computer programming we have professionals with the highest degree of experience to be able to bring all this knowledge in a coherent, practical and efficient way to computer code.

The combination of creative minds, professionals in the gambling industry, metamatists and programmers results in our powerful prediction software: Quimera and Baccarat Sniper

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