Nowadays, the habit of reading is encouraged around the world. There was a time, however, when reading – and writing too – was considered too dangerous to be learned by anyone, and many books – considered forbidden – were banned, hidden and destroyed around the world, so that the content of their pages would be known to as few individuals as possible.

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A literatura, como todas as artes, tem a função primária de causar um certo prazer, espanto, sentimento de encher o que sentimos, mas não sabemos como expressá-la, seja em palavras, pinturas, imagens, sons, etc. Alguns dizem que o livro é capaz de transformar vidas. Inúmeros escritores relatam essa experiência. Muitos se tornaram escritores a partir da leitura de um livro em particular. Quantos, em convalescença em uma cama de hospital, ao ler um livro, começaram a escrever sua própria história, ou se tornaram personagens de seus futuros livros.

Literature, like all arts, has the primary function of causing a certain delight, amazement, feeling of filling what we feel, but we do not know how to express it, whether in words, paintings, images, sounds, etc. Some say the book is capable of transforming lives. Countless writers report this experience. Many became writers from the reading of a particular book. How many, in convalescence in a hospital bed, when reading a book, began to write their own story, or became characters of their future books.

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