Beauty Market Global and European Report

Beauty Market Global and European Report

This report presents the main data of the International and European Beauty Market, an interesting, strong and resilient market. The information is current and relevant, showing a clear and objective view of the segment, its main trends and consumption movements. The visual presentation is creative, rich in graphics and interesting, making reading easy and light.


* Definition of cosmetics

* Market share

* General data

* Main segments

* Exportation and importation

* Consumption behavior

* Online sales

* Natural and organic cosmetics

* Sustainability


* Regions of Europe

* European Union

* Population

* Main segments

* Distribution channel

* Socio-economic impacts

* Exportation and importation

* Natural and organic cosmetics

* Consumption behavior


* How a trend arises

* Beauty movements

* Consumption behavior

* Impacts of pandemics

* Trends in ingredients

* Conclusions and opportunities

Attention: This product does not guarantee results. Any reference to the performance of a strategy should not be interpreted as a guarantee of results.

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Why is this report worth buying?

This is a very rich and objective report with qualitative and quantitative data from the beauty market. It presents a complete and direct view with current data and impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. It intends to help companies and professionals to know the International and European Beauty market, its main movements, insight and data. The content comes from different sources of research and segment data and is complemented by our creative vision, analysis and market insights.

What to expect from this report?

1) Quantitative Data - information about the market and segments.

2) Qualitative Data - information on trends and consumption behaviors.

3) Objective and easy reading - layout with text and graphics to make the content more interesting.

4) An overview of the Beauty Market - Size, Segmentation, Growth, Trends, Export and Import, Sales Channels, Sustainability, Insights, Ingredients and Consumer Behaviors.

Why is this report different?

We note that many reports have a dense and complex reading. So, we decided to offer an objective and direct report, with key information and a broad view, with an interesting and easy to understand layout.

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Up4market is a Portuguese company, specialized in international strategic marketing. Our main focus is to help companies and professionals in the Personal Hygiene, Perfumery and Cosmetics-HPPC segment to understand markets, acquire skills and knowledge to create successful strategies. We are a Pharmilab Group company, specialized in helping beauty business to enter new markets since 2012. We help small and large brands in more than 20 countries to bring more than 6000 products to the European market.

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“Na UP4Market consegui unir duas grandes paixões: o marketing estratégico e o mercado da beleza e assim ajudar as marcas e empresas a conquistar novos mercados com segurança.”

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