Bodyboard Performance Course ūüĆäūüŹÜ

- ALL the video lessons with the world champion Uri Valad√£o, following a customized methodology, developed especially for online teaching!

- Learn Drop Knee from the 8-time world champion Dave Hubbard!

- Learn about wave forecasting, first aid, surf safety tips and take lessons about fear to help you to be much more at ease in the ocean.

- Lessons given by experts to improve your physical capacity on bodyboarding with exercises, stretches and nutrition tips!

- Be less worried at the ocean and expand your lung capacity with Ricardo Bah√≠a, who has already instructed great names in the field of giant waves such as: Caio Vaz, Lucas Fink, Guilherme T√Ęmega, Rodrigo Resende and also the singer Gabriel O Pensador.

- Private group of learners: Ask questions and even find company for your surf!

- More than 3 hours of video analysis that Uri Valad√£o made of our students which generated learning for everyone! The mistake of one is often the mistake of another!

- Interview and video collection made by people enrolled in the course to get to know their coach even more!

- Organize your learning and follow your evolution through a monitoring panel in spreadsheet format.

- 5% on the Kpaloa website

- 50% in the 1st month of the UV School of Bodyboard in Brazil!

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- Most complete bodyboarding course in the world! Learn bodyboarding correctly.

- Made for the bodyboarder and anyone who wants to learn how to surf!

- Private group of learners to support your evolution!

- Take lessons with techniques and secrets from the biggest names in the world bodyboard scene!

- Course made 100% for online teaching!

- Guaranteed result! Hundreds of students evolving!

- Your surf is stuck and you cannot make progress? Unlock it and get the desired maneuver!

- More than 10 hours of lessons!

- 7 days warranty! Try it and see if you like it!

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Bodyboard Performance
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