Traditional Brazilian recipes for you

This is a book of traditional Brazilian recipes that was translated and selected from the best known typical Brazilian foods, I talk a little about their origins, ingredients and how to prepare them in the best way so that you can feel the Brazilian flavor and that it opens doors for you for a culture full of exotic flavors and passed on to generations and generations from our ancestors, you will soon have volume two with much more, here a little of our Brazilian land will come to you.

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Exotic knowledge of Brazilian food, recipes that can generate profits for entrepreneurs in the food and restaurant business and an opportunity to experience the Brazilian flavor without having to spend a lot or visit Brazil.

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Matteus Oliveira
2 Hotmarter Years

Tell me what do you want?

I can create what you want to get what you seek!

Today as a producer I have only one product created, which will show you and teach you a beginning about Brazilian culture, taste Brazilian flavors at home, make your family take pictures and show your neighbor how much you know about Brazil (lol) you will love!

After making these delights, tell me what you felt when you tasted this diversity of flavors.

I will show you several teachings about the culture here in Brazil, I'm Matteus Oliveira I'm 24 years old and I'm born in Brazil and I'm proud of the great roots of cultural power that we carry.

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