Brazilian Portuguese Travel Course

This course was created for all people who want to learn Brazilian Portuguese and feel confident and independent when traveling to Brazil in a simple, effective and easy way.

Here you are going to learn common and necessary expressions in different situations for your trip such as booking a room in a hotel, eating in a restaurant, at the airport and immigration, visiting stores and buying clothes, asking for directions, among many others.

We are going to work with many dialogues and a lot of vocabulary to get you ready to come to Brazil without worrying.

Module 1 - Greetings

Learn how to greet people in Portuguese.

Module 2 - Essentials

Everything you need to know in situations where you can't remember what to say or can't understand what's going on.

Module 3 - Starting a conversation

Here you are going to learn everything you need to start and keep on a conversation with a Brazilian.

Module 4 - Locations

Learn to ask how you get to places in Portuguese.

Module 5 - Directions

Learn how to give and ask for directions.

Module 6 - Transportation

Everything you need to know to go to places and use public transportation.

Module 7 - Restaurant

Here you are going to learn to order food at a restaurant.

Module 8 - Going shopping

Learn how to go shopping by yourself.

Module 9 - At the airport

Everything you need to know to communicate at an airport.

Module 10 - At the hotel

Learn how to book a room in Poortuguese.

Module 11 - At the hospital

All you need to knoow in case you have an case you have an emergency

Bonus - Brazilian Portuguese Basic Grammar

If you have never studied Portuguese before, don't worry! You can start from this module where I'm going too teach you some of the main verbs in Portuguese like "ser", "estar", "ir", 'ter", etc.

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Easy Peasy Portuguese
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Learn Portuguese from home!

Easy Peasy Portuguese with Lu is about making your dream of learning or improving your Portuguese real whether it is for a job promotion, traveling or meeting new people without leaving home and in an uncomplicated way!

I have been working with languages for 7 years and after courses, trainings and thousands of hours of teaching in a classroom and as a private tutor, I developed my own method for language learning.

My method will help you increase your Portuguese vocabulary so that you don't just learn to speak Portuguese, but you learn to speak Portuguese well!

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