buttercream & style by alice+rosa cake design

In buttercream & style, cake designer Carol Ravagnani teaches you how to create professional looking buttercream cakes from scratch with the distinct alice + rosa style.

Focusing on tall and elegant cakes, each module explores one fundamental step of the cake making process as well as four stunning decorating techniques including alice+rosa signature florals.

In the bonus module you will learn how to plan and sketch your designs digitally which will help you to explore your ideas beforehand and communicate them to you client effectively.

By the end of the course you should be able to create a simple & delicious cake menu as well as a beautiful cake portfolio to wow your clients and make yourself very proud.


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Module 1. Baking the perfect sponge

In this module you will learn how to bake the perfect vanilla sponge to structure tall cakes as well as two delicious flavour variations and a gorgeously moist chocolate sponge.

Module 2. Fillings

In this module you will learn how to make three delicious fillings that are super quick an easy to make.

Module 3. Levelling

In this module you will lear how to cut your sponge in perfectly even layers.

Module 4. Buttercream

Here you will learn a+r perfect buttercream recipe and step-by-step method. This buttercream is light, velvety and super smooth which will help you to achieve a professional finish on your cakes and create delicate decorations.

Module 5. Semi-naked and fresh florals

In this module you you learn how to create a gorgeous rustic semi-naked texture with straight edges, how to prepare fresh flowers to use on cake as well as how to style a contemporary fresh floral arrangement.

Module 6. Abstract

In this module I will show you how to to use colour to create an impressive abstract painting effect on the buttercream

Module 7. Alice + Rosa signature florals

Here you will learn to assemble and structure an extra tall cake correctly, how to create a subtle distressed metallic finish on buttercream and how to recreate the distinct alice + rosa signature florals.

BONUS module: Digital Cake Sketching

How to plan and create digital cake sketches to explore your ideas and to communicate them to your client effectively.

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Carol Ravagnani
2 Hotmarter Years | Best-Seller Profile

(EN) Carol Ravagnani is a self-taught cake designer and instructor based in London, UK best known for her whimsical botanical designs.

Inspired by natural textures and organic forms, Caro tastefully combines clean, simple lines with more intricate & complex shapes found in nature to create edible works of art.

Her eye for detail & clever use of colour lends her work unique character & personality that inspires thousands of bakers around the world.

(Português) Cake designer e instrutora de bolos espatulados com buttercream, Carol Ravagnani é conhecida por seus distintos designs botânicos. Inspirada por texturas naturais e formas orgânicas, Carol combina linhas simples com detalhes delicados e complexos para criar arte em forma de bolo.

A delicadeza de seus desenhos e bom gosto na escolha cores dá ao seu trabalho um caráter único que tem inspirado muitos confeitos ao redor do mundo.

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