Children’s Stories

1. Enhance the love of reading

The main thing when reading a story every day before going to sleep is that children are encouraged to love reading. A love that will come out almost innately from within their hearts because they will realize how reading is pleasure and how it brings great benefits. Children will learn to enjoy stories with you so that as they grow, they learn to enjoy reading for themselves.

2. Strengthens the bond between parents and children

When you read a story to a child before going to sleep, the emotional bond between parents and children will be strengthened. The moment of reading the story can become the most special moment of the day for both of you. Stressed days, all the tasks that have to be done every day ... There are many things that rob families of time on a daily basis, so enjoying this time as a family will always be a plus to strengthen the bond between parents and children. .

Read stories to children before bed

3. Children sleep better

Another benefit of bedtime story reading is that children sleep better and fall asleep more successfully. When listening to the voice of mom or dad in a soft and monotonous way, when feeling the security and comfort of being next to mommy or daddy before going to sleep ... All this will bring great security to the little one that will make him enjoy a dream a lot. more restorative. They will have less anxiety and this will help them to have a balanced emotional well-being.

4. Cultivate the mind

It is not something new that reading cultivates the mind, but it is that when you read to children you will also be creating great seeds so that children can enhance their imagination, creativity and curiosity. All these aspects are essential for the proper development of children and are also the fundamental basis for successful future learning.

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