My Lesson Planning Playlist

Everyone knows that if you don’t plan a good lesson...

- Students won’t engage.

- They become distracted and disruptive.

- Teaching becomes difficult.

- Stress levels rise.

You can very quickly find yourself losing motivation and struggling to enjoy teaching the way you should. Lesson planning is an essential skill for any Young Learner teacher and it is one that you can and must develop. To help teachers with this, I have created a series of video classes that cover some of the key aspects of the lesson planning process.

You get:

- 6 video classes from Claire (that you can watch at anytime from anywhere)

- References and further reading on each topic

- Support materials to download


Webinar on Self-Care for the Young Learner Teacher: This webinar draws attention to the importance of preparing yourself physically, emotionally and practically for the challenges of remote teaching.


Join the next Collaborative Lesson Planning Group with Claire Venables for only R$270 (usual price R$397)

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