Spark Your Creativity - Mentorship

This is the gateway to the mind of Emerson Rodrigues, during the period of one year, you will have access to all the new and previous effects created by him, plus weekly support to help you create your own magic and polish your routines.

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Inside the Creator Magic Mentorship Students will have acess to:

Monthly Masterclasses with new and exclusive releases each month!

Customized individual training on how to perform and create magic!

Plus some amazing Bonuses:

Acess to all my previous releases:

Together,Centerless,The Reversed Card,Fair Sandwich and Visibly or Invisibly.

And acess to my proudest work:

MagiKey-Tag my crash course about Key-Tag magic with 12 full routines!

Plus full acess to the Sparks of Creativity LIVE:

Sparks of Creativity is the name of my monthly column for the Society of American Magicians Magazine M-U-M, there i will share with you all the extra details that are hard to explain in print, plus some awesome unpublished variations!

Join today for the best cost benefit training magic system on the market!

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Emerson de Oliveira Rodrigues
8 Hotmarter Years

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