Creative Compositing Create a Silhouette Night Scene in Photoshop

Main image of product  Creative Compositing Create a Silhouette Night Scene in Photoshop

Master Photoshop Compositing By Recreating a Practical Real-World Project

hello and welcome to creative compositing: create a silhouette night scene in photoshop, my name is rabii and im so excited to bring you this class

photoshop compositing is wide world and learning compositing can help you unlock unlimited creativity and potential, you will be able to create amazing and realistic composites by combining multiple images together and blending them to create seamless composites using advanced skills and techniques like atmospheric perspective matching and painting, advanced brushes, lighting effects and more

the idea behind this course is there are a lot of places where you can learn how photoshop Operates what the tools do and how they work, but this course is a little bit different because it is focused on a topic, and will teach you specific skills and techniques from a real-world example

we will start by creating the background of our composite and you will learn how to ex

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