LEA Multidimensional Knowledge Course; Lemurian Eden Akasha - Level 1 to 5 + therapeutic Professional training complete

Updated way to align the astral changes that are being held for planetary ascension

Teaching never disclosed before, you will obtain this learning, in a practical, effective and directed way and sustain it permanently and only go on expanding your strength more and more, to reach every day steps of harmony to greater achievements!

The course was produced for the modern world, where we have many responsibilities and obligations and we need agility and coherence in learning, so this course will bring you objectivity and practicality in teaching!

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The first big advantage is being able to apply it to yourself and help yourself!

You can become a Lemurian therapist and make this learning a new job.

As this is something new, it is an advantage to work as a Lemurian therapist using the LEA technique.

Receive certificate of completion to act.

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Cris Poetisa RAK
2 Hotmarter Years

Cris is a lawyer graduated at Instituto Presbiteriano Mackenzie, writer, poet, futurist, coaching, medium, tarotologist and lithotherapist.

Born in 1977, she has her sensibility refined since childhood and came from a family linked to these values, so much so that she learned tarot by family tradition, in which her Spanish great-grandmother taught her grandmother and she taught her. Therefore, she has always been close and enjoyed living experiences of clairvoyance, akashic access, holistic therapeutic technique and that is how, in 2010, Cris decided to give himself deeply in the search for knowledge and experiences.

The decision was made from an intense and significant dream she had, which was the first Akashic memory of Lemurian technique and content. From it, Cris has developed more and more through courses with national and international masters, in the area of ​​crystals, dream interpretation, mediumistic care, psychographic techniques, body cleansing retreats, soul readings, numerology, sacred geometry, in addition to being self-taught in the technique of her care, cleaning up dark aspects and enhancing levels of awareness and abundance.

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