Cronus Clock

Cronus Clock tells the story of students from a victorian-era city, where they get involved in an ancient mystery that the city hides, Pancer Crosster from the city of Gytre studies exorcisms at the Grosmond Sorbon school with his class friend Louren Belghins, something awaits them between the lines of fate where only time can fix this timeless feat.

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Nerds e fiction films.

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Phabio Cordeiro da Silva
1 Hotmarter Year

I´m a writer, a designer and i do comics in the artistic world. Cronus Clock was the story i chose to bring comics to life, i found it very challenging but very cool to bring this astral to the geek world. i intend to continue this series that i admire so much and created with all my heart , a beautiful story that i cannot keep just for myself. I was born in Rio de Janeiro, and I`ve always liked art in general, folk and european cultures, i love brazilian folklore and its legends, i like to write comics because i feel closer to cinema, when i read comics i feel likein a cinema on paper and i imagine who would be theactors who would make a certain character, what music would be for each scene, i think a well- exploitable world, the world of comics.

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