In this course I’m gonna teach you the precise way to create the most effective training program for you based on your lifestyle, diet, training history, age, gender, body weight and goals.

I’m gonna teach you the best way to split your workout routines into ABC or ABCD or ABCDE types of training depending on which level you are on right now.

I’m gonna teach you everything you need to know about Macros and Micronutrients – Carbohydrates/Fats/Proteins.

What is trans-fat? What is good fat? What is bad fat? Is avocados and olive oil actually good for you?

I’m gonna teach you the glycaemic index value in the foods and how that can affect your results. And WHY!

I’m gonna teach you the importance of Nutrient Biological value of food and how it will impact your system.

I’m gonna teach you how, where and why to pick the right food.

I’m gonna teach you the best ways to put your diet together.

I’m gonna teach you AND show with examples why and how a Cheat Meal can be critical in your life.

I’m gonna teach you 5 methods of how you’ll be tracking your results.

I’m gonna teach you how to use MyFitnessPal app.

And Much More!

The course will be released on the 01/11/2021 and then I will be releasing one episode/chapter per week.

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Daniel Rabaioli
1 Hotmarter Year

Hi there, My name is Daniel, I'm a Fitness Coach, An Ambassador, A Content Creator, A Personal Trainer, a Bodybuilder and even a bartender on some weekends! ( or used to haha)

Been training for about 12 years. been a fitness coach for 5 years and a fully qualified PT for 2 years now! Been coaching over 60 people over the last few years, Absolutely love it!

I have come across an idea a few months ago of getting all of the best possible content out there and put it all on one, only one place! which is here on my profile. and Teach you pretty much everything I know?!

I'm really into Japan, Japanese stuff like anime, Cars, big lover of Jap cars, always been, still own one!!

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