Dead By Daylight - Professional The Nurse Killer Course

In this course you will find ALL THE INFORMATION YOU NEED to be a GOD LEVEL NURSE Player regardless of your starting point that has already been TESTED on several other players from all platforms and produced DRASTIC RESULTS.

This is the best, most complete and in-depth course on the internet with over 15 HOURS full of secrets and rich informational content lessons that are IMMEDIATELY APPLICABLE to change your gameplay forever. All devided and organized into 6 modules FROM BEGINNER TO ADVANCED topics which include a full module only with real match frame by frame breakdowns and analysis so you can SEE EVERYTHING THAT IS TAUGHT APPLIED IN REAL MATCHES.

All taught to you DIRECTLY BY none other than the Original Pro Console Nurse Player, Scorpion_rulezMK. Scorpion has OVER 5 YEARS of experience as a gaming coach, 5 YEARS of experience playing Dead By Daylight and 2 YEARS of professional and amateur COMPETITIVE DEAD BY DAYLIGHT TOURNAMENTS experience and wins. He plays EVERYTHING IN THE GAME and also did in tournaments. Besides the nurse, that includes survivor and ALL other Killers in the game.

The Course is not set in stone and will FOREVER BE UPDATED for the better or at any pressing need or suggestion of its students. That includes updates to new game patches and addition of more lessons and match breakdowns to the already existing 13 hour plus content. Any update that occurs after you have acquired the course is FREE OF CHARGE to you and you have LIFETIME ACCESS to the course.

By acquiring the course you also gain free access to Scorpion's Discord Server Private Nurse Course Group where you can talk and network to all other students that also acquired the course and help each other improve, connect and give suggestions to better the course. You can also talk to Scorpion directly in the server along with sending your own gameplay for possible match breakdown of it to be added to the course by Scorpion himself, essentially free coaching.

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Pedro / Scorpion_rulezMK
1 Hotmarter Year

Hey there! I am Scorpion_rulezMK or Pedro. I am a former professional player and have been a Gaming Coach for over 5 years. I've coached and drastically changed many players gameplay experieces forever but I wanted to be able to help and reach more people, so I started developing Online Courses with the same information I give on my coaching. I like to help people and with all this knowledge and experience that I have I know no one else on the planet can help or do as good of a job as I can for this. So I just couldn't not take the action, knowing how many people it could benefit. If you acquire any of my work, enjoy and please do change your life with it, it was made for you.

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