Digital - Wireless Desk Lapm

Do you want to build a wireless charged desk lamp? That's the right product for you. Besides the wireless charging feature, this desk lamp have a super cool way to turn on and off. And the best of all the features, you can move it anywhere.

In this material you will find:

-Bill of Materials (BoM) to your project

-Required tools

-All sizes and sketches that you will need

-Tips and tricks to help you in the building process

  • Advantages
  • Details

- Wireless charging

- Easy to move around

- Very cool way to turn on and off

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CUE is a platform created for everyone that loves to put their hands to work on nice projects, but don't have a bunch of tools at home and/or live in small spaces.

The main idea here is to provide guides to execute really cool, useful and easy to do projects that, with some dedication and effort, you will be able to replicate at home. We focus on using very few and easy to find tools (who the hell has a CNC router in the middle of the kitchen?).

Hope you enjoy the material. I'll always try my best to amaze all of you.

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