EBOOK How To Take Awesome Pictures by Yourself

Are you ready to take better pictures by yourself? This is a short ebook with everything that you need to know about light and angles for you pictures. Here, I will show you how can you find your best side, angles, your posture and also how can you learn to manage light. If you are looking to be independent and make your own stunning pictures, this is everything you need!!

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- Helps you to improve your photos

- Every basic thing that you need to know about photography

- Understanding light

- How to find the right angle

- How to pose for pictures even if you're not great at it.

- A BONUS chapter about pictures x social media

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Bela Marinato
5 Hotmarter Years

Bela is a 23 years old Travel Photographer born in Brazil and based everywhere. She travels the world photographing, writing and seeking extraordinary experiences.

She learned how to work with photography when she was 16, she spent 3 years wiht a business in her hometown before she decided to travel the globe.

Now she is a full-time creator working with hotel brands and travel magazines such as Lonely Planet, Travel&Leisure all around the world in the pursuit of making the most of her experience.

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