English In Pills

This book aims to motivate all-ages English learners who are going through the basic and intermediate levels to overcome their fears and difficulties so that they improve their performance and results.

Este livro tem o objetivo de motivar alunos de inglês de todas as idades que estão nos níveis básico e intermediário a superar seus medos e dificuldades para que ele melhorem o desempenho e os resultados.

Este libro tiene como objetivo motivar a los estudiantes de inglés de todas las edades que están pasando por los niveles básico e intermedio a superar sus miedos y dificultades para que mejoren su desempeño y resultados.

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Motivating English learners to improve their performance and results.

Guiding students to organize their learning process.

Stimulating students to develop self-confidence.

Inspiring students to build their autonomy.

Promoting the English reading skill.

Developing competencies such as interpretation and critical thinking.

Motivar os alunos de inglês a melhorar a performance e os resultados.

Orientar os alunos a organizar o processo de aprendizagem.

Estimular os alunos a desenvolver a autoconfiança.

Inspirar os alunos a construir sua autonomia.

Promover a habilidade de leitura em inglês.

Desenvolver competências como interpretação e pensamento crítico.

Motivar a los estudiantes de inglés para que mejoren su desempeño y resultados.

Guiar a los estudiantes a organizar el proceso de aprendizaje.

Estimular a los estudiantes para que desarrollen la confianza en sí mismos.

Inspirar a los estudiantes a construir su autonomía.

Fomento de la habilidad lectora en inglés.

Desarrollar competencias como interpretación y pensamiento crítico.

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I’m a TEFL/TESOL Certified English Teacher, online Tutor, writer, musician, and actor who is graduated in Language and Translation, and post-graduated in Business Pedagogy.

My teaching practice is based on the student’s needs, interests and goals. My classes look like friendly conversations which provide students opportunities to learn and exchange experiences.

I produce content including functional exercises, stories, Math problems and free activities to inspire and motivate my students.

I don’t follow neither a special methods nor grammar books. Since my lessons are student-oriented, I use all the available resources and strategies that can help my students.

In addition to becoming an English teacher, I'm a technology evangelist. I’ve worked in the Information technology industry for more than 20 years. I've had jobs such as programmer, support analyst, network administrator, training instructor, software documentation writer and sales executive.

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