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Have you ever had problems with your shopping at the supermarket? Like for example paying more than you should because you didn't plan ahead? Have you ever arrived at a supermarket without knowing what to buy, which made you spend a whole day "guessing" what you would buy?

If your answer is yes, then I present to you our Excel spreadsheet that will bring you that organized planning to avoid overspending in the middle of this period of national inflation and avoid wasting your precious time that is talking more and more as the days of the 21st century go by.

Put down your pencil and your notebook and start planning your purchases digitally now.

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Why buy our spreadsheet?

- The spreadsheet will make you organize and plan your supermarket shopping, so that you avoid spending on superfluous and/or expensive things;

- The spreadsheet will speed up your shopping for the month or the week, so that you can save time for your hobby, learn something new, or generate money.

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