Failproof Plan to take your Pronunciation to the Next Level

This ebook was created to help you take charge of your English pronunciation. You will learn how to fine-tune your listening skills, identify the muscles utilized when speech is produced, observe the movements of your mouth and vibrational nuances. A simple approach to teaching you how to constantly improve and/or fix your issues with pronunciation of the English Language.

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Learn how to identify your own pronunciation issues

Learn how to take charge of your pronunciation progress

Learn simple techniques to practice on your own

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Barbara Moltoni
1 Hotmarter Year

Hi, I'm Barbara Moltoni

I am a certified English Teacher with a degree in Linguistics (Portuguese/ English) and a Post-Graduate Diploma in TESOL. I am also a certified Mindset Coach, a Counselor, and a Thetahealer.

I have over 10 years of experience teaching English as a Second Language in English Speaking Countries, having helped over 2.000 professionals become successful, confident, and competent English Speakers.

My mission is to help well-qualified bilingual female professionals to feel like their best selves in English.

I help you fix the English you already speak, by focusing on your specific needs, with emphasis on self-confidence, public speaking, and excellent pronunciation, so you feel ready to pursue your goals and dreams in English.

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