Feet, not Roots!

“If we were to stay in one place, we would have roots instead of feet” (Rachel Wolchin)

Precious tips from a traveler who started this activity in her maturity and left her comfort zone to face another country and another culture. In addition to those trips with groups and family, how many trips did you miss due to lack of company? Learn how you are the best company for yourself doing a solo trip. If you are passionate about travel, even those around your city, or traveling across the world, here you will find a little of everything. You also will discover what it was like to obtain a second citizenship, without an intermediary, and embrace the world. Enriching process and self-knowledge.

I invite you to join me on this trip through Asia, Africa and the Americas, and I'll be waiting for you on the next one - Europe and Oceania!

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Change of country on the day of my 50th birthday! From then on, new paths were taken. By sharing my experiences, some fun others not so much, traveling around the world, mostly on a solo trip, often on a low budget, I believe I can contribute to the development of your capacity for incredible self-knowledge when dealing with the new, the unusual, the challenging, another language, another culture ... a world outside from your comfort zone.

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Marilisa Fiorani
1 Hotmarter Year

Born in Brazil, where she began her professional life as a teacher at a Jesuit school until she retired. A second phase, after her retirement, emerged as an entrepreneur at her own "language studies abroad" company and the third challenge is currently being presented as a technical customer support consultant and storyteller. At the request of her child, insistence of her friends and feeling that sharing her adventures could inspire people to step out of their comfort zone to find their ability to visualize how surprised we can be with what we are capable of facing, the first eBook was born . And so, tips and trips are presented in a spontaneous prose style.


Nascida no Brasil, onde iniciou sua vida profissional como professora em uma escola jesuíta até se aposentar. Uma segunda fase, após a aposentadoria, surgiu como empreendedora de uma empresa de intercâmbio e o terceiro desafio está se apresentando no momento como consultora técnica de suporte ao cliente e contadora de histórias. A pedido de um filho, insistência de amigos e sentindo que compartilhar suas aventuras poderia inspirar as pessoas a sairem da sua zona de conforto para encontrar a sua capacidade de visualizar o quanto se pode surpreender com o que somos capazes de enfrentar, nasceu o primeiro eBook. E, assim, as dicas e viagens são apresentadas num estilo de prosa espontânea.

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