Finding your Core Words

It’s time to be ready to live according to what we want to be.

It’s time to make dreams come true. It’s time to act and make things happen.

Self-awareness and entrepreneurship are rarely seen in the same sentence. However, we hear a lot about the need for being authentic to show ourselves up.

Have you ever asked yourself how you could be authentic if you don’t go deep into you?

Having your ideas accepted and known as relevant is a result of being confident about yourself.

It’s easier to share your thoughts when you’re crystal clear about your values. Being aware of what really matters to you will make your actions and thoughts working together organically.

Naming your qualities and recognizing your flaws is the first step to understand where you can do better and what you can already take advantage of.

Being authentic and truthful is the best way to keep the good work and real relationships (for both professional and personal relationships).

This mini-course is designed to level up your understanding of your deep self, opening up new paths to get bigger achievements.

The method consists of short audios and workbooks.

There are two different workbooks, one focused on business purpose, and another focused on self-awareness.

You can absolutely go for both, but if it is your desire you should begin with self-awareness and then go for the business one.

It is definitely an easy, simple, and practical method to amplify the way you see yourself and to lead you to a more self-confident attitude.

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Despertar do Equilíbrio
3 Hotmarter Years


Me chamo Priscila.

Sou empreendedora e terapeuta holística, ofereço cursos na área do empreendedorismo e do bem-estar.

Nos cursos de empreendedorismo ofereço ferramentas simples para que possa gerenciar seu negócio com planejamento, estratégia e clareza; sempre lembrando do seu bem-estar.

Nos cursos de autoconhecimento o foco é você, apenas.

Os cursos têm o objetivo de agregar valor de maneira fácil, objetiva e prática.

Vem despertar (ou fortalecer seu caminhar) comigo!

Saiba mais sobre mim e meu trabalho como terapeuta em


-Pri Nascimento

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