Flamenco Rudiments to the Snare & Bass drum Method


In this method you will find the rudiments that you already know but created specifically for Flamenco.

Specifically for the following Palos (flamenco rhythms): Tangos / Rumbas, Seguiriyas, Soleá, Alegrías and Bulerías.

They are the most important and because they are very different from each other. They represent the three nuclear families of Flamenco and are the rhythmic bases on which practically all the other rhythms and variants are based. They will provide you with fundamental and very substantial knowledge.

They are written for Snare Drum and Bass Drum, but you will see that after learning them you will be able to apply them to the entire battery without any difficulty, simply letting yourself be carried away by your imagination and creativity.

With this method you will achieve two things at the same time; On the one hand you will practice and develop your snare and bass drum technique and on the other hand you will learn Flamenco in an orderly, clear and firm way.

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