Food Safety (Correct Food Manufacturing and Handling Practices)

The main objective of food security is to ensure that the consumption of a food does not cause harm to the consumer. Its practice is based on carrying out a set of activities developed to guarantee the hygienic-sanitary quality of food, known simply as good practices.

And thinking about it I created this Ebook that explains in detail the entire process of Food Safety, from the choice of supplier to the final preparation of the food.

The content is aimed at all people working in the food field, from a small company to a large company that is stuck for having quality and safety in the foods that are prepared daily.

All information contained in the Ebook is based on references to Brazilian and international Food Safety standards such as RDC, HACCP, ISO 22000 among others.

The content also contains information based on my 10 years of experience as CEO, Control and Quality, Cost Manager, in the area of ​​gastronomy in restaurants and industry in Brazil and Asia.

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Adriano de Souza Ferreira
3 Hotmarter Years

Nasceu e cresceu em Dourados, cidade do Mato Grosso do Sul, Brasil. Ele completou todos os seus estudos no Brasil incluindo Higher Gastronomy (International Chef e Pastry Chef) e MBA em Gastronomia Business. Ao longo de seus estudos, Adriano trabalhou como Chef Executivo em 7 restaurantes diferentes em uma grande empresa na qual se especializou em cozinha italiana e ocidental. Em 2017, ele decidiu aceitar uma oferta para gerenciar o controle de qualidade de uma empresa de fabricação de sorvetes em Bali, na Indonésia. Após 2 anos, ele decidiu voltar a trabalhar em um restaurante e se mudar para a Malásia como Chef de cozinha em um restaurante de cozinha italiana.

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