Gaia - A New Earth Awaits

The Earth or Gaia (name given to the consciousness or "soul" of the planet) has already suffered numerous traumas and is crying out for help to the Universe. The violence, the density and the cruelty of the human being will no longer be tolerated from this new period of transition, because we will enter a New Age, an era of light and love.

Gaia has several cycles. At the moment, it has left behind its Karmic phase and is heading for the Regeneration Cycle, where only spirits of high vibrational frequencies can continue on the face of the planet, due to their compatibility. It is the transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.

Chapters – Part 1:




Chap 1: Gaia’s Ascension

Chap 2: Symptoms of a Planetary Transition

Chap 3: Volunteers - The Hope of the World

Chap 4: Extraterrestrials on Earth

Chap 5: Crop Circles

Chap 6: Indigos and Crystals

Chap 7: Walk-in/Soul-Fork/Soul-Braid

Chap 8: Atlantis - History repeats itself

Chap 9: The Intergalactic Confederation of Light

Chap 10: Global Warming

Chap 11: The Visions of Nostradamus

Chapters – Part 2:

Chap 12: A New Earth Awaits

Chap 13: The Light Warriors

Chap 14: Possible Futures for our Planet

Chap 15: Nibiru - The Purifier

Chap 16: Will the Rapture Happen?

Chap 17: The planetary healing through REIKI

Chap 18: It's Time to Forgive

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Meant to those interested in spirituality.

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Débora Mies
3 Hotmarter Years

SOBRE A AUTORA: Débora Mies nasceu em São Paulo,

em 16/12/1990 e é redatora. Estudou jornalismo na faculdade FIAM,

e decidiu escrever este livro devido ao seu senso de missão e

vontade de acordar àqueles que ainda não se deram conta de que

o mundo é bem mais do que imaginamos. Que nosso cotidiano medíocre,

nesse sistema em que vivemos,não representa a verdadeira essência de

quem realmente somos. Somos todos um......................................................................................

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