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PFNO Membership it's the stepping stone you needed to get started on your health journey.

The goal of PFNO Community is to inspire YOU to transform how you view food, nutrition, lifestyle to your overall health.

There is no requirements to be vegan or even plant-based to join our membership. Once a month new content will be uploaded and you will be notified.

We believe that change starts from within, in the way you see yourself and on what you put in your body. So, I ask you when you eat, are you giving yourself more years of life or taking them? Are you listening to what your body is telling you? And more importantly, what changes are you doing to improve your lifestyle?

Start the change today, choose your wellbeing, your health, choose you. Join our PFNO Membership!

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What does it include:

- Once a month content upload in form of: video-classes, e-books, recipes, tutorials, shopping lists, masterclasses, or exercise video-classes.

- First opportunity to sign up for all my future retreats, courses, training, and workshops.

- Discounts & giveaways

Learn more about this content creator

Telma Fjelltveit
2 Hotmarter Years

Telma Fjelltveit is a holistic coach specialised in plant-based nutrition. She guides women on a journey of self-discovery while improving their energy and connecting themselves with their body and the world around them.

Telma’s approach combines physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing to cultivate a routine of self-care and self-love starting with the way you feed your body.

More about Telma:

Telma changed her lifestyle about three years ago, after years of feeling inadequate in her own skin. She too was caught in the trap of the crazy diets, that besides not giving her a permanent result, would make her feel that something was wrong with her as she would not lose weight and end worse that she started. The meaningful change happened when she understood the power of nutrition and the real value of food.

Today, Telma is grateful for the joys and challenges of her journey. She feels more energy to energy to exercise, work, spend time with family and friends, she is not in pain anymore, and her health improved massively. Her self-esteem increased, and she is now able to listen and understand her body better. She is also grateful for being challenged to look at herself differently and to let go of the fear. Yes, fear. The fear of eating, of overeating, of being overweight and looking at herself in the mirror.

You can find more about Telma here:

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