Holiday Blues: 10 ideas to beat expat holiday blues and have a great holiday season by Deborah Dahab

In this eBook, I give you some ideas to get you out of your emotional rut during the holiday season

and thrive no matter where you happen to be.

End your holiday season sadness with these 10 ideas that you can implement today.

Idea #1: VOLUNTEER - Bring joy to others

Idea #2: JOIN FORCES WITH OTHER EXPATS - Together we are stronger

Idea #3: PRACTICE SELF-CARE - Pamper yourself

Idea #4: TRAVEL (EVEN IF IT’S IN YOUR OWN TOWN) - Get moving

Idea #5: CREATE NEW TRADITIONS - Don't just follow the crowd

Idea #6: USE TECHNOLOGY TO YOUR ADVANTAGE - Limitless communication

Idea #7: INVITE FAMILY MEMBERS OR FRIENDS TO COME TO YOU - Open your home and your heart

Idea #8: GIVE PEOPLE PRESENTS & THANK THEM – EVEN IF IT’S JUST A LITTLE CHOCOLATE - Little things can make a big difference


Idea #10: COOK THE FOOD THAT FILLS YOUR SOUL - It's time to get cooking

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The ideas in this eBook were collected from my personal experience, having lived in more

than five countries over the years, as well as ideas that my clients have tried.

These are just some ways my clients and I have dealt with the holiday blues. Of course,

this list is not exhaustive, so feel free to get inspired and create our own ideas to deal with

the challenges of an expat’s holiday blues.

Sometimes we find ourselves unable to move forward and enjoy the holidays because

we’re too focused on what we miss. These ideas will give you the fuel to move forward

and create the best holiday season!

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