How to land your dream job

How to land your dream job is an online problem, in which you will learn:

▫ to set the direction of your professional life

▫ to identify your core skills and talents

▫ to prepare your cv

▫ to master LinkedIn

▫ to use your network to your advantage

▫ to feel comfortable at job interviews

▫ to get successfully started on your new job!

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Beandgo eU
1 Hotmarter Year

Caroline Groothoff and Begoña San José have seen way too many people suffering because they were doing a job that sucked their energy, with a boss that they hated, in a company misaligned with their own values, or simply resignated to live a life managed by their jobs instead of by themselves. And that, matters to us. For that reason, we build together courses and material to reverse this and to get people to shine, to thrive, to ROCK! Life is too short to work a third of your day on something that does not resonate to you! Wake up and get yourself tuned!

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