IELTS Academic prep course

Why to take this prep course? Because you want to grow in your career or have new professional opportunities, or you plan to study abroad, or you dream of getting a visa to live in another country and change your life. If you do the test and don't get the score you need you will WASTE your money and your time. This is a complete course for you to perform very well on this test. You are going to see all parts of the test, all types of tasks, all strategies and techniques to succeed in each one of them. You deserve to take the test and prove all your capacity. This is a complete course. Practise Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

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HORIZON English Consultancy
3 Hotmarter Years

We are a Brazilian company with a passion for enabling individuals to speak to the world and get over their own limits.

Established in 2011, we have focused on teaching General and Business English and also preparatory courses for IELTS. We offer in company Individual or small group classes.

Now, we are increasingly investing our efforts to developing online courses, either standard courses with a tutor or video course like our IELTS Prep Course.

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