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Images designed by cooc estudio without text or watermarks so you can create your own content.

The file has the original images designed by cooc estudio in the presentation "Black is a colour", also attached are other characteristic designs with electric colours.

Its use is totally free for the content you want to create, finally the designs are "A2" size with black backgrounds.

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A2 size designs with black backgrounds

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Cooc Studio
1 Hotmarter Year

- At CooC Studio we create content that is ridiculously good, content that is useful, enjoyable and inspiring!! -

Our aim is to provide a simple and fast way to develop projects, to involve social creativity and to allow everyone to benefit from the designs.

We offer:

Design & Marketing/

Videos for presentations,or for music/

Advertising graphic design/

Brand Identity/

Value Proposition/

Sketches and much more!

-We would love to work with you and help you grow! We invite you to take a look at our projects.

-Do not hesitate to contact us: /


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