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The central idea of this new edition of Ollendorff's work is to provide an easy way to learn the french language. This method is dedicated both to advanced students and beginners. Its main advantage is the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), commonly used only by linguists. However, that may be of great value to the general public.

The intention of this edition is not to remove or replace any existing method. Its primary purpose is to allow the reader (and future listener) to understand all the subtleties of the French pronunciation, which is of great difficulty even for longtime students. The work is divided into 21 volumes with 84 lessons to facilitate your learning.

You may read all the exercises aloud, trying to pronounce them correctly, to train your ears to all french sounds. A slight sound variation can make you say the opposite of what you intended to do. Don't worry! That's why I created this method, which, as far as I know, is the only one to use the IPA alphabet so extensively. Next, the reader can see the explanation of how to pronounce each french sound.

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This method uses the International Phonetic Alphabet to make pronunciation more visual.

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Marco Silva
3 Hotmarter Years

I am a teacher who loves language. When I needed to live in Paris, I had to learn quickly how to communicate with French people. I had always been afraid and knew the reputation of not having much patience with people who didn't speak well the language. After doing this method, for my personal use, within 15 days of arriving there I was already communicating fluently. And every day, when I talked to people, I was already visualizing in my mind the word and its use, learning with the day-to-day. I hope the method is useful for you.

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