In this course you are going to learn how to read and write Japanese basics alphabets starting with HIRAGANA and KATAKANA. This is the first step to start learning JAPANESE LANGUAGE!

As a bonus, you will also learn more about Japanese culture! In addition, those people who become part of Sapphy`s family will be able to join the private group on Facebook where you can ask questions, practice, make new friends, and be updated about new courses.

Sign up now to join the course and start speaking Japanese right away!

Why you should start learning Japanese?!

Have you thought about living in the most advanced technological country?

Where would be? Japan has one of the biggest elderly population and the government is starting to open its borders for foreigners who would like to live, work and study in Japan. One of the requirements for those people who wants to move to Japan is to know the Japanese Language! And have basic Japanese language skills. Even want to improve your resume and increase your chance to get a better job in a Japanese company overseas.

With this course, you can achieve your goal! Start now! And be ready to come to Japan!

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Sapphy Learning Center
2 Hotmarter Years

About Sapphy Learning Center:

The name "SAPPHY" comes from the term sapphire. But what does a stone have to do with us? The answer is in the school's dilemma: As the stone sapphire once polished, it shines brightly and it has a high value, like our mind! Our mind is like a precious stone. We just need people and teachers around us to help us polish and then make a difference in the world and stand out from the crowd. As most of us have heard: People can steal material goods from you, but no one can steal the wisdom you have.

SAPPHY Center`s history:

Sapphy was founded on April 9, 2017 by Emellyn Yamamoto. In 2020 Cinthia Arakaki joined as a partner at SC. IN 2020

More than 300 students joined our courses. In addition to language courses, we hold events, inside and outside the country and held proficiency test.

Our Method:

We study writing and reading, but our main focus is to develop oral communication of languages. We present the student not only with the understanding of a new language, but also to develop the ability to speak in public, make presentations, have creativity, own opinion and personal development. SAPPHY is ready to polish the precious jewel that has not yet been discovered in you.

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