Manas Lunar Planner 2022

Manas Lunar Planner is the most complete planner you will find!!! It was created to assist you in aligning with your natural cycles because it combines astrology with natural gynecology. Say what???!!! The planner was designed for you to learn about the outer moon (the one in the sky) and the inner moon (your menstruation cycle). You will navigate through the 12 zodiac signs and the main four moon archetypes that vibrate daily inside of us.

It contains not only astrological calendars so you can dance aligned with the universe but also moon mandalas, so you can keep track of your period in a fun and complete way. Learning about your inner waters, desires, wishes, and the best part of it, it gives you authonomy to do so.

As you can see, this is not a regular planner, it is a deep dive planner for 2022. With Manas Lunar Planner you will:

ūďܶ Learn how to identify your inner flow, following both the outer Moon and your menstrual cycle. Identifying patterns, emotions, using them as your personal compass;

ūďܶ Enjoy dancing with the solstices and equinoxes throughout the year;

ūďܶ Dive into each of the 12 archetypes of the zodiac, and the outer moons;

ūďܶ Get cosmic guidance and explore monthly themes with Astrological important transits, and lunar calendar for 2022;

ūďܶ Moon Mandalas for you to connect and track your monthly inner cycles;

ūďܶ Journal prompts for reflection.

Guess what?! On the 21st of December, Winter Solstice in the Northern hemisphere, we will gather together online to celebrate this season and the light that will return. This gathering is free of charge for everyone who decides to join us in this great adventure. If you purchase your Manas Planner after the solstice, or for any reason, you will not be able to join us live, do not worry, the meeting will be recorded and you will be able to watch whenever suits you best.

We are very excited to birth the Manas Lunar Planner 2022!

Welcome to our portal!!!!!


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