Marine Electricity Handbook

This book is meant to be used as a text book for marine technicians or boat owners interested in learning the wiring and troubleshoot procedure for AC and DC panels. This is an excellent complement for students interested in taking the ABYC electrical certification. The book is written in a straight and simple manner, with real life examples and illustrations.

This book is available in a PDF form NOT PRINTABLE. In this format there are 35 Videos included it, for FREE

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Chapter 1 The Nature of Matter

- Episode 1: The Nature of Matter

Chapter 2 The Electrical Current

- Episode 1: The Electrical Current

Chapter 3 Marine Batteries

- Episode 1A: Marine Batteries configuration and Diagnosis

Chapter 4 Conductors and Isolators

- Episode 1: Conductors - Isolators - Terminals & Wire Gauge

- Episode 2: Wire gauge calculation & wire color code

- Episode 3: Electrical measurement tools

Chapter 5 Types of Circuits

- Episode 1: Solving electrical circuits Series and Parallel

Chapter 6 Charging and Cranking Systems

- Episode 1: Relays and Solenoids

- Episode 2: Battery Switch Selector and ACR

- Episode 3: Marine Alternators Fundamentals and Troubleshooting

Chapter 7 DC Panel

- Episode 1: Wiring a boat battery bank

- Episode 2: Wiring a boat battery bank & DC Panel

Chapter 8 Marine Dashboard

- Episode 1: Marine Dashboard Configuration

Chapter 9 AC Current

- Episode 1: Sources of AC current

Chapter 10 Bonding and Lightning

- Episode 1: Bonding System

- Episode 2: How to check and install a galvanic Isolator

- Episode 3: Isolator Transformer vs Galvanic Isolator

Chapter 11 AC Wiring

- Episode 1: AC current- Frequency & wire color code

Chapter 12 AC Panel Board

- Episode 1 : Wiring an AC Panel / Reverse Polarity Diagnosis

- Episode 2 : Dock Pedestals, wiring configuration & Troubleshooting

Chapter 13 Motors and Transformers

- Episode 1: How AC and DC Motors works & Reversible DC Motors

- Episode 2: AC Induction Motors & Reversing AC Motors with Contactors

- Episode 3: Transformers- Step-Up, Step-Down , Isolator Transformers

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Alvaro Lopez
1 Hotmarter Year

Alvaro Lopez is a Mechanical Engineer and Marine Master Technician with more than 33 years of experience teaching and transforming lives with his example and with his simple teaching methods. His classes are widely appreciated and recognized by hundreds of students. The simple and fun way as Professor Lopez explains accompanied by wonderful technical drawings have made him a benchmark in the marine industry.Its books and classes are an excellent complement for those who want to take the ABYC, NMEA and other manufacturer certifications such as: Caterpillar, Cummins, Onan, Mercury, Westerbeke, Yanmar, Kohler, Raymarine, Furuno , garmin among others.

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